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UCEEF Supported ITRC to Host a Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (PVI) Training Session

On June 7, 2018, UCEEF and the US ITRC (Interstate Environmental Technology and Regulations Commission) brought a wonderful training session to the domestic environmental protection community. Because “invasion of volatile gases in the soil” is a relatively new issue in China, whether it is originally a well-known expert in the industry, or an environmental protection researcher or a university student or teacher, everyone is on the same starting line and both are at the same time immersed in earnest listening. The students listened attentively to Richard Spiese, John E. Boyer, and 4 experts from ITRC in the United States. Mr. William McKercher and Mr. Matthew Williams explained in detail each step of the investigation, assessment and management of volatile gas intrusion in soil. . On the day of the conference, there were no empty tables, more than 100 domestic relevant employees were on site, and nearly 200 people listened to live demonstrations by experts in the community of Ichiro Communications (WeChat Group).

The training was hosted by the organizer Mike Driver, vice president of the U.S. Borisch Group. Teng Jianli, deputy secretary-general of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, and Chris Alexander, business official of the U.S. Embassy in China addressed the meeting. They encouraged everyone to apply their knowledge and said they would continue to strengthen Promote cooperation between China and the US environmental protection industry.

ITRC培训照片 - EN

After a full day of training, four experts included how to collect volatile gases from the soil. How to analyze data? How to remove interference? How to evaluate technology? What specific measures are taken in engineering? And other issues. Experts, one by one, explained in depth and in detail, both theoretical and practical. Participants interacted with experts on the venue with a warm atmosphere.

After the training, ITRC experts issued a certificate of completion to the students.

EnvGuide is committed to providing China’s environmental professionals with advanced technologies and accumulated experience in the United States in the environment. The follow-up will also introduce domestic training in environmental protection and accelerate the promotion of domestic environmental protection.

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