UCEEF Supported ITRC to Host a Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (PVI) Training Session

On June 7, 2018, UCEEF and the US ITRC (Interstate Environmental Technology and Regulations Commission) brought a wonderful training session to the domestic environmental protection community. Because “invasion of volatile gases in the soil” is a relatively new issue in China, whether it is originally a well-known expert in the industry, or an environmental protection researcher or a university student or teacher, everyone is on the same starting line and both are at the same time immersed in earnest listening.

U.S – China Groundwater Cooperation Program

China's "National Groundwater Pollution Prevention Plan (2011-2020)" officially released in October 2011, is China's first programmatic document on groundwater pollution control. According to the Plan, by 2015, China will be able to obtain a good understanding of the groundwater pollution conditions, control groundwater pollution sources, stem the trend of groundwater quality deterioration, and establish a complete groundwater quality monitoring system.

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