UCEEF Supported ITRC to Host a Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (PVI) Training Session

On June 7, 2018, UCEEF and the US ITRC (Interstate Environmental Technology and Regulations Commission) brought a wonderful training session to the domestic environmental protection community. Because “invasion of volatile gases in the soil” is a relatively new issue in China, whether it is originally a well-known expert in the industry, or an environmental protection researcher or a university student or teacher, everyone is on the same starting line and both are at the same time immersed in earnest listening.

U.S – China Groundwater Cooperation Program

China's "National Groundwater Pollution Prevention Plan (2011-2020)" officially released in October 2011, is China's first programmatic document on groundwater pollution control. According to the Plan, by 2015, China will be able to obtain a good understanding of the groundwater pollution conditions, control groundwater pollution sources, stem the trend of groundwater quality deterioration, and establish a complete groundwater quality monitoring system.

Groundwater pollution status and hazards

China Groundwater Pollution Situation About 90% of the groundwater is is suffering from varying degrees of pollution. 64% of the groundwater is seriously polluted. Only 3% of groundwater is considered to be the same level of clean as in urban area. Around 1950s in U.S.A The same things happened in United States Impacts on Future Generations  Birth defects, Infertility,Disease,...

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