Fostering Community and Environmental Care

UCEEF's donations fund campaigns and events focused on environmental education and action. Our support brings these important events to life, raising awareness and involving communities in protecting our planet.

Saving LA’s Migratory Bird Lake

UCEEF champions environmental conservation by providing strategic support and donations, including funding legal efforts to protect a lake in the Los Angeles area, essential for bird migration.

Promoting Environmental Awareness among Youth

UCEEF supports the ‘Nature and People’ International Art Contest, offering scholarships and a platform for students under 19 to explore the human-nature relationship through art. 

PPE Donation Drive

During the COVID epidemic, UCEEF team organized and hosted the donation event of PPE to the NJ Morristown Memorial Hospital / Nursing Home / Chuang Yen Monastery.

UCEEF’s Annual CAPEES Awards: Fostering Environmental Academic Excellence

Since 2021, UCEEF annually honors environmental educators with the CAPEES-UCEEF Award, supporting and recognizing excellence in environmental science. 

Supporting Dr. CT. Shen Memorial Hall

Since June 2021, UCEEF donated and supported to build Dr. CT. Shen Memorial Hall in Chuang Yen Monastery, and this project will last for 6 months.