The U.S.-China Environmental Education Foundation (UCEEF) is hosting its first annual international art contest, which topic is Nature and People, focusing on the essential relationship between humans and nature. Cooperated with Sharron Art Center and Supported by US Education Management, this annual competition inspires students to be creative while also reflecting on the importance of sustainability and the critical role the environment plays in our lives as humans. The competition is open to students and kids under 19 years old, with scholarships of up to $100 awarded to the winning submissions.

We welcome students and kids all around the world under 19 years old to submit their art pieces and we believe the art work will remind people around to rethink about the relationship between nature and human, therefore inspiring more people to join with UCEEF in environmental protection.


This international art competition is open to all students and kids, around the world, that are under 19 years old. Students are not eligible if currently enrolled in a college or university. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes awarded for each group:

Group 1: Kids under 7 years old

Group 2: Students 7-12 years old

Group 3: Students 13-18 years old


For each contest group:

1st Prize: $100
2nd Prize: $50
3rd Prize: $25

In addition, the prints of chosen finalists’ (about top 20% of the participates) and winning works will be displayed in a gallery in South Brunswick, New Jersey on August 15th, 2021 and compiled for a digital gallery on our UCEEF website. These works may also be sold in limited quantity for fundraising in support of later environmental protective events.

What to Submit

A high quality, well-lit scan, photograph, or digital file of your artwork as well as a written artist’s statement.

When creating your artwork, please think about the following prompting questions:

  • Does your artwork reflect that you understand the theme of the contest?
  • Does your artist’s statement also show that you understand the contest theme?
  • Does your piece show that you have a good understanding of art and that you use these art elements, such as composition, line, shape, value, and color, to effectively portray the theme?
  • Is your artwork original, inventive, and shows off your individual style?
  • Is your artwork neat? Are there tears, smudges, and/or smear marks?
  • Does your artwork invoke emotion for your viewers? Is it striking and memorable?

Contest Rules

Before starting with the art work, please read the contest rules for what can and cannot be submitted, and how to write the statement to help the judges better understand your art work.



A panel of artists, educators, art lovers and environmental social workers will judge the UCEEF Nature and People Challenge. Artwork will be evaluated on originality, quality, creativity and adherence to the theme. The judges will use the Guideline Rubric to evaluate the artwork.




Deadline: August 6th, 2021 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

  • We encourage all the potential contestants to subscribe with your email now, and we will send you updates and reminders before the submission deadline.
  • To submit the art piece, please fill out the online submission form  no later than the submission deadline.

The announcement of the winner

We will announce the winner after the judging panel make the final decision, and the result will be announced within two weeks from the submission deadline.

Art Work Showcase