Environmental Protection Awareness

The global environmental situation compiled by the US-China Environmental Education Foundation (UCEEF) provides insight into environmental issues around us.

China Groundwater Pollution Situation

About 90% of the groundwater is suffering from varying degrees of pollution.

64% of the groundwater is seriously polluted.

Only 3% of groundwater is considered to be the same level of clean as in urban areas.

Impacts on Future Generations

Birth defects, Infertility, Disease, Cancer

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Air Pollution

Air pollution contributes to an estimated 1.2 million premature deaths in China annually.

Environmental Inspection

In northern China, evironmental inspectors have found that nearly 70 percent of the businesses examined, failed to meet environmental standards for controlling air pollution.

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Quick Learn

  1. Approximately 30% of cities studied do not  have adequate solid waste disposal sites.
  2. The recycling rate of construction waste in China is only 10%. vs. 85% in the US and 95% in Japan.
  3. In 2016, the gap between China's hazardous waste treatment supply and demand was about 9.17 million tons. Currently the number of companies holding hazardous waste business licenes in China was  approximately 2,149, with an average treatment capacity  of less than 30,000 tons per year.

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More than 50% of China's surface water is so polluted it cannot be treated to make it drinkable.

25% of is so dangerous it can't even be used for industrial purposes.

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Environmental Protection Videos

The environmental protection publicity film produced by UCEEF aims to guide the community to be attentive to environmental issues. Let us work together using the small things around us to engage in environmental protection actions.