UCEEF Commits to Supporting Environmental Academic Excellence with Annual Awards to CAPEES

The U.S.-China Environmental Education Foundation (UCEEF) keeps the commitment to advancing environmental science and academic excellence by annually donating the CAPEES-UCEEF Environmental Educator Award since 2021. This initiative underscores our dedication to nurturing and recognizing the efforts of scholars in the environmental education.

The CAPEES-UCEEF Environmental Educator Award, a collaboration with the Chinese-American Professors in Environmental Engineering and Science (CAPEES), is specifically designed to honor and support professors who have made significant contributions to environmental education and research. This award not only provides financial support but also brings recognition to those who have shown outstanding academic and scientific achievements in environmental studies.

By supporting these educators, UCEEF directly contributes to the development of the environmental academic programs. This effort aligns with our broader mission to foster a deeper understanding and innovation in environmental science. UCEEF believes in the power of education, and research could drive meaningful change in environmental practices.



As UCEEF continues to be a vital supporter of environmental education, our partnership with CAPEES emphazes how strategic support can impact the academic landscape. This alliance between UCEEF and CAPEES highlights the importance of nurturing talent and research in environmental sciences, a critical component in addressing global environmental challenges.

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