U.S.-China Environmental Education Foundation Spoke on Solid Waste Opportunities in China Webinar and Promotes MDCP CRETE Program

The U.S.-China Environmental Education Foundation (UCEEF) was invited to speak at a recent webinar hosted by the International Trade Administration (ITA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce on February 22, 2023. During the webinar, Ms. Yuhong Jiang, co-founder of UCEEF, introduced ITA’s Market Development Cooperation Program (MDCP) and its Carbon Reduction and Environmental Technology/Equipment (CRETE) program. She also shared insights on the solid waste market in China. 


Our MDCP CRETE program offers a comprehensive approach to assist U.S. companies in exporting their Carbon Reduction and Environmental Technology/Equipment to China. The recent commitment of China to carbon neutrality and the implementation of waste classification policies have increased the demand for solid waste technology and resource recovery equipment. However, U.S. suppliers often encounter non-tariff barriers when accessing the Chinese market. To overcome these challenges, our MDCP CRETE program identifies the demand for U.S. technology and provides market access support, export promotion, and showcases U.S. equipment and technology through demonstration projects.

The CRETE program represents an excellent opportunity for U.S. companies interested in exploring the Chinese market and expanding their business. At UCEEF, we are excited to guide U.S. companies through the intricacies of the solid waste market in China and contribute to finding solid waste solutions. Through the MDCP CRETE program, U.S. companies receive support to access the burgeoning Chinese carbon neutralization market.

By identifying the demand for U.S. technology, this program ensures that the products and services of U.S. companies are in alignment with the needs of the Chinese market. Overall, the MDCP CRETE program will help U.S. companies achieve their global business goals. 

To learn more and join the MDCP CRETE program, visit the UCEEF website at HERE. 

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